The NMRW started operating in this region in 2016. 20 projects and 136 members are involved in the following projects: gardens, broilers, bakeries, brick projects, beadwork, pottery, sewing projects, and beekeeping.

Tiyiselani Garden

This project is situated in the Nkambako village and was started in 1984. The NMRW identified the project in April 2015, and project members registered it as primary cooperative in June 2016. The project grows chillies, tomatoes, cabbage, beetroot, brinjal, butternut, ground nuts, dry beans, spinach, mustard and maize.  Since being funded, the project has managed to expand their production area from two hectares to four hectares. They have also managed project hired 11 temporary workers for help during planting, weeding and harvesting time. Tiyiselani sends their produce to be sold at the RSA and MARCO markets in Johannesburg.