Tsimanyane / Phokwane

NMRW started operating in the Tsimanyane in 1994 and in Phokwane since 2013. In 2020, the two regions were combined as one region., totalling 44 projects and 152 members. They are involved in the following activities: gardens, broilers, bakeries, bricks, beads, pottery, piggery and sewing projects.

Matopatopa Poultry

The broiler project, situated in the Moeding village, and was established in October 2014 and sells chickens to the local community. In January 2016, the 5-women project registered as a primary cooperative and was identified by the NMRW in April 2016. With the assistance of the NMRW, the members have been able to construct a broiler structure, fence the site, install solar power, and build toilets. The members planned to begin building a structure that could house 1 000 chicken. Unfortunately, the advent of COVID-19 brought those plans to a halt. COVID-19 also affected their ability to buy and sell chickens and their plans to save for a transformer. Access to electricity continues to be a problem for this project, especially when trying to keep the chickens warm in Winter, but these dedicated women continue to persevere.