Mtubatuba Region

The NMRW started working in this region in May 2019. To date, there are 15 projects with 86 members involved in 3 brick projects, 3 bakeries, 4 poultry projects (2 layers and 2 broilers), 1 piggery, 1 craft project, and 3 garden projects.

Sakha Konke Bricks Cooperative

The project, located at Kwa-Mshaya village, started in October 2012 and was identified by the NMRW in May 2019. They produce and sell hollow bricks that they sell to local and surrounding communities. Since the NMRW’s intervention, the project has increased their production capacity; built a storeroom; earn stable monthly salaries; and they have managed to hire 3 more permanent employees! They also managed to expand their customer base by making use of digital marketing to access surrounding communities. The sills learned through the NMRW have taught the members the value of saving and they have managed to save for a truck which will greatly assist with the delivery of their products to their customers. While the national lockdown was very hard on Sakha Konke, the women’s tenacity means they are slowly managing to get back on their feet.