Moutse West

The NMRW started operating in this region in 2014. With 16 projects and 90 members, the women are involved in gardens, broilers, bakeries, brick projects, beadwork, pottery, piggeries, peanut butter and sewing projects.

Tlogelang Mologadi Garden.

Situated in the Mokgwaneng Village, the five members began the project in February 2013 and have been assisted by the NMRW since August 2014. On their 10.5 hectares of land, the members have planted 300 moringa trees and grow peppers, onions, tomatoes, beans and maize. In 2017, the members decided to plant cotton on 6 of the hectares as it is a dry crop which, unlike the vegetables, grows all year round and requires very little water. They sell at the Loskop Cotton Market all year round. This year, with the NMRW’s aid, the project has expanded to include butternut, chillies and mustard spinach, and they have built a storeroom to store, sort and package the cotton. Unfortunately, access to water continues to be a problem as community water was severely affected by the 2019 drought.