The NMRW has been operating in this region since October 2018. As of 2020, there are 15 projects with a total of 79 members involved in: 2 bakeries, 4 piggeries, 2 brick projects, 2 beads/craft projects, 1 garden, 2 broilers and 1 cleaning detergent project.

Siyeza Beads

The 5-women project is located in Mhlumayo village, Ladysmith. It began in 2012 and was identified by the NMRW in November 2018. They produce beadwork such as necklaces, bangles, adornments, earrings and head bands, to name a few. They sell their products to local communities and surrounding areas, exhibitions and at the local Museum. Before the intervention of the NMRW, the project members didn’t have a stable income but now they each earn monthly salaries. They have also increased their market streams by approaching other local municipalities who assist with access to local exhibition markets. COVID-19 was particularly challenging on the project as they all their market access point were closed, but they are hopeful the situation will improve as the country opens up again.