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The National Movement of Rural Women (NMRW) is a non-profit, grassroots organization founded in April 1990 by a network of 16 women's group across the Transvaal.

Before 1990, the network of women had been engaging through the Transvaal Action Committee (TRAC) which was formed in 1986. The NMRW was set up with the purpose of giving rural women in South Africa a voice.

Many women in the 1990s were not able to inherit land or speak freely about problems they faced within their communities.


Under the economic justice programme, the NMRW supports projects financially and through capacity building. The supported projects create employment and strengthen networks among NMRW members. The projects are entirely owned by community members.

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I started organizing women and trying to put confidence in them that they also have to be part of the decision making body of the community. What we did first was to form a women's group, out of the women's group, the women themselves elected their executive. At Mogopa they involved four to five women ion the kgotla which we felt was a good representation and the women would electy people who were good participants.